Access C2W Inventory

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C2W Inventory:
Your Quick Start Installation Guide

Access C2W Inventory
Welcome to C2W Inventory, a Windows application designed to simplify your organization’s inventory management. This guide will help you create an account, set up your organization, and familiarize yourself with the system. As an on-premise Windows application, C2W Inventory ensures all data is securely stored locally.

Installation Made Easy
Click the installer to start the C2W Inventory System setup.

Find the C2W Inventory shortcut on your desktop or Windows program menu.

Create Your Account
After you open C2W Inventory and click ‘Sign up’ to register your company.

Registration Details
Complete all fields in the sign-up form. The trial lasts for 14 days, after which you’ll receive a subscription reminder. Unpaid subscriptions automatically revert to the Free version.

Select Your Subscription Plan
Choose a subscription plan that suits your business needs by clicking on ‘Subscription Plan’. Monthly and yearly billing options are available, and no credit card is required for the trial. This helps us understand your company’s needs better.

You’re all set! Start exploring C2W Inventory’s features for streamlined inventory management. Check out our Initial Data Setup video on YouTube for quick insights. You can watch the video here:

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