Next generation’s most powerful Inventory Management Software

C2W Inventory +

Stock Smart and Ship Fast on Shopify with C2W Inventory

A Shopify integrated software that makes inventory management easy.

Next generation’s most powerful Inventory Management Software

Shopify inventory management software for e-commerce stores.

Integrate your Shopify store with C2W Inventory to automate inventory management in your online store and save your valuable time.

For Whom Our C2W Software are?

Business Owners
Service-Based Business
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C2W'S Shopify Integration Unlocks Your Store's Potenital.

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C2W Inventory + Shopify integration

An all-in-one inventory solution for Shopify
Keep your Shopify store on track with C2W Inventory. It simplifies managing your stock and sales in one place, preventing overselling or stock shortages. This tool blends ease of use with smart management to streamline your online selling process, ensuring your customers always find what they need

What Happens During A Sync

What does the C2W inventory Shopify Integration Offers


Optimized Order Fulfillment

With C2W Inventory's Shopify integration, automate your order fulfillment process. It centralizes your inventory while making order processing and shipping more efficient, eliminating much of the manual effort.

Automated Reorder Alerts

Stay ahead of stockouts by setting reorder points and receive low-stock notifications to reduce order lead times.

Multilocation Management

Track and manage inventory across all your locations to maintain accurate stock levels, ensuring full visibility and availability of your products everywhere.

Smart Mobile Inventory Control

Use our mobile app for easy inventory management, including receiving, order picking, transfers, and real-time stock updates. Manage your inventory from anywhere, keeping your operations flexible and efficient.

Seamless Shipping Integration

Generate shipping labels with a single click through our EasyPost and Shippo integration, streamlining your Shopify store's shipping process. It's straightforward, making shipping easier so you can focus more on your business.

Precise Serialized Tracking

Track items by unique serial numbers for better accuracy, simplified returns, and fraud prevention. Ideal for products requiring individual identification, ensuring a secure journey to their destination.

Simplify your Shopify inventory management with C2W

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