Multi Users Access

Reading Time: 2 minutes

C2W Inventory system’s multi-user mode allows one computer to function as a server (storing all data) and other computers to access this data as clients.

Server Setup:

Step 1: Start Web API
Go to Settings -> Web API Launcher and click the ‘Start Web API’ button.

Step 2: Share URL
Copy the URL for the Scanner EndPoint to the client computers

Step 3: Grant Access
Click ‘Allow access’ when a prompt window appears.

Step 4: Check Status
Once the Web API is started, a status indicating ‘Web API is running’ should appear, confirming successful activation.

Step 5: Configure Network
If the server uses WIFI, ensure the Network profile is set to ‘Private network’.

Client Setup:

Step 6: Client Login
On the login screen, check the ‘[Is Client PC?]’ checkbox and enter the End Point. Click ‘Login’.

The End Point will be saved for subsequent logins.

These steps will set up your C2W Inventory system for multiple users and computers.

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